About Plain

Plain is a web-based solution for space design and furniture recommendation.

From understanding customer needs to space planning, to a curated list of ready-to-buy furniture.

Plain makes professional design accessible and affordable to everyone.

The team behind Plain

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Taisa Mukha

Co-founder and CEO

Professional Interior Designer, Ex-founder of a design company.

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Barys Malaichyk

Co-founder and CTO

Experienced Software Architect with a passion for Data.

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Martin Olczyk

Angel Investor

Managing Director at Techstars | Investor in +70 companies | Investing in Emerging Europe (South+Central Eastern Europe)

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Our Mission

Democratize Interior Design

We aim to break down barriers of cost and complexity, empowering individuals to enhance their spaces.

Together, we can create inspiring and comforting environments.

Responsible consumption

We focus on educating and providing sustainable choices that minimize environmental impact.

By choosing wisely, we all contribute to a healthier planet and future.

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